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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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lingering showers overnight they won't last for game time. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. mike has the answer. you will have to does tort chill that will be out there, hopefully the bats will stay hot, -- 50s. doppler not showing any radar returns they've all moved out over the ocean and dropped 1/100 of an anyone's santa rosa, orrin dark there may be a little wetness waiting when you step out humid this morning and a few sprinkles possible through 7:00. mainly cloudy around the bay
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50s, sunshine will break out instability will create a stray shower or two during the latter parts of the afternoon into the evening stuck in the 60s today low to mid 60s for highs inland valley the same thing mid up toer 60s coast mainly cloud -- upper 60s coast mainly cloudy, 50s with a stray shower during the afternoon. good morning. first look at your waze app. earlier accident in marinwood south 101 cleared. you can see the damage is done. very slow from before highway 37 towards marinwood. good news after that speeds pick up in southern marin, central san rafael into southern marin no delays hopefully we'll see relief. you can download this free app, bay bridge slow for cash paying folks no metering lights yet i anticipate those
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will be on momentarily. carpool lanes whizing by. slow out of antioch's highway 4, westbound typical, 22 minute drive to highway 242. amazing a's and great giants do it again, both teams advance to face deciding games tonight after rallying back from the brink of elimination. terry mcsweeney joins us live from oakland. how sweet, five -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: it is really is, the a's are a team with a lot of heart. just too bad they have to prove it by giving fans heart palpitations another walk-off win last night in the 9th when it was said and done all the fans could do was scream and yell. take a look.
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>> reporter: just losing it, why not, 3-1 when the 9th ning started, crisp drives in smith, wow, they win 4-3 over the tigers what does crisp get? a pie, then later on he gets a gatorade shower. the fans didn't know what to do, they were screaming, yelling, we saw 'em, let's listen to a couple of fans. one young, excited, the second one, i'm not sure what he's saying. >> amazing the best team ever. >> >> [ unintelligible ] . i love a's thank you. >> reporter: second pitch of the game hits one into the seats, giants took the lead for good if the second,
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lincecum reliever for the second time this playoff series he goeses the win in relief sandoval goes nuts those wild swings he takes when they connect can send the ball 422 feet, giants win 8-3, giants play in game five best of five at 10:00 this morning in cincinnati. a's playing here 6:30 tonight. heads-up to any fans coming out, 36,000 of you are, warriors have a preseason game at 7:30 this parking lot is going to get crowded you have 36,000 here, who knows how many there, if you are coming out get here early and be prepared to do the bernie. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. loving your tie. we want to see your postinging e-mail photos -- to ureport or
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share them with us on facebook or twitter. we'll be showing some of these photos on the air throughout the playoffs. 6:05. today hayward police department expected to release information about a possible breakthrough in a 24-year-old child abduction case. michaela garecht was kidnapped in 1988 she was 9-years-old. police are testing a bone fragment found if one of mass graves used by the men known as speed freak killers. monday hayward police told michaela's mom the fragment could belong to her daughter. amy hollyfield will be live in 30 minutes from hayward with more. hercules police trying to determine if there's a connection between a couple arrested in seattle and a retired teacher found murdered in her hercules home. detectives are interviewing 25-year-old tonya washington and her husband 24-year-old darnell washington both arrested yesterday morning
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driving the car belonging to 55-year-old susie ko who was found beaten and stabbed to death in her home last friday. the couple is wanted for a violent west coast crime spree that began in southern california when washington broke out of jail in august with his wife's help. >> we still know it is an ongoing investigation. but we were just so relieved that for the first time a lot of progress has been made on my mother's case. >> tonya and darnell washington remain in jail this morning. oakland has filed a federal lawsuit to prevent the department of justice from evicting a medical marijuana dispensary. in july prosecutors served papers on the harborside health center calling it a marijuana super store. the city's suit claims the justice department knew about harborside for years and exceeded legal deadline for taking action. hearing scheduled november 1st. thunderstorms out of here all together.
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traffic and weather, next. you can see the embarcadero looks clear, mike will have your full forecast. we check in with sue hall in the traffic center. new this morning, could it be a housing rebound? new numbers just released showing a better market in california an
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welcome back. 6:10. watch radar returns pull off into the ocean and nothing showing up right now. still damp, still humid out there that's going to be lingering once the sun breaks free of the clouds could see a stray shower this afternoon. temperatures mainly 60s fairfield, antioch, clear lake, cloverdale we could have 70s. next three days, today, tomorrow, saturday still a stray shower possible by sunday starts to get back to average no threat of rain in the forecast. good morning. hot spot this morning marinwood area out of novato live shot of 101 southbound past lucas valley road just north of that we had an earlier multi-car accident now cleared out of lanes that's good news you can see by our waze app, the traffic is backed to rowland boulevard in novato very slow towards the marinwood area, lucas valley area hopefully that will be improving now the accident is
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cleared. for your free app. here's a look at your drive times if you are headed out now. 6:11. new this morning, good news for the u.s. housing market foreclosure filings just hit a five year low in a report released this morning the number of filings fell 12% from august and 15% from a year earlier. california is among the states an -- that saw biggest declines. fedex plans to cut several thousand from its workforce. the chairman says most reductions will come through voluntary departure program no word on how many jobs will be lost in the u.s., cuts part of a plan to boost profits by 1.7 billion dollars by 2016 through cutting costs.
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fedex warns its business is being hit by global economic slow down. the race for the white house is getting tighter. the new poll showing mitt romney gaining on president obama, as vice president biden and paul ryan get ready for their debate tonight. getting a tattoo is often a fashion statement. it can also carry risks. michael finney with safety ti
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welcome back. clouds hanging around even though the radar returns are starting to dry and move out over the ocean clouds are causes 69 minute flight arrival delays into sfo now. fargo, minneapolis, 60s and -- 40s, 60s and 70s everywhere
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else. right now newark and san francisco, sfo the only airports with flight arrival delays. flight tracker delays from the weather or anything else. 6:15. polls released overnight show how tight the race for president is now critical swing states that could decide next month's election. according to the new polls in colorado mitt romney has a 1 point need over the president 48-47% last month that number was reversed. in virginia the president enjoys a five point lead over romney, 51 to 46% unchanged from last month in wisconsin president obama has a three point lead, 50-47% down from
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the six point lead before the debate. with those numbers all eyes on vice president biden and republican paul ryan they are getting ready for their debate in kentucky. ryan arrived in lexington yesterday to prepare. vice president biden is scheduled to arrive in the state today. stay with abc7 morning news -- [ inaudible ] >> next time i'll tell the band to play more quietly i don't know if you heard the loud rock and roll music. >> i thought we were hearing the thunder, we had storms out there and kind of going way this morning. >> absolutely. we'll show you live doppler 7 hd an indication as we look at cloud cover, but dry on the embarcadero the bay bridge towards the port of oakland. radar returns have moved off
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over the ocean they are going to stay for the better part of the next several hours until we get into the afternoon. because there is so much moisture may see fog form there's the possibility of a sprinkle or two for the morning commute. heaviest rain in the north bay 2/100 in napa that was overnight. heaviest rain yesterday gilroy and ben lomond with the thunderstorm that produced hail. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. cloud cover you don't see much of a change in the temperature, 56 to 55° around the monterey bay and inland. shower chances today, tomorrow and saturday, up in the north bay, very, very small chance mostly cloudy over fight, like we are seeing now, summer warmth coming at you next week, almost everywhere. today well below average mid to upper 60s south bay only mid 60s on the peninsula, upper 50s chilly along the coast, low 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito
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upper 50s north bay beaches, 5 to 10° warmer in your valleys, mid 60s along the east bay shore, possibly upper 60s to 70 in the east bay valleys, the warm spot, if you will. upper 60s metering lights, gilroy and hollister. -- coliseum, somebody has to table. no threat of wet weather, going to be a little in the air. 40s north bay tonight, rest of us cloudy temperatures in the low to mid 50s. area of low pressure number one weather-maker still with cyclonic flow or counterclockwise flow will wrap moisture towards us. here we are this morning, we'll go into the afternoon you can see a stray shower possible during the evening commute, that will fall apart overnight just sprinkles possibly a little damp tomorrow morning cold front starts to move from the west
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tomorrow and that's going to spark another isolated chance of a shower friday in the north bay saturday, once that passes, 70s and 80s from the coast monday through wednesday. it is not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these people want the chance: they've all ended through our facebook page the winner will be announced after the 49ers game on abc 7 october 18th. you can enter too go to our facebook page click the win $49,000 button that will take you to the online form where you can enter. good luck. good news, clearing in marin that in a second. right now first reports of an accident 80 westbound, albany before gilman i'm not seeing it we will follow that. otherwise traffic flowing into
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the macarthur maze, once you get to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backed past overcrossing as you head into san francisco, a little sluggish upper deck. marin county, waze app, you can see traffic improved. backing to about ignacio, speeds still 30 miles an hour towards marinwood. we had an earlier accident at miller week, marinwood area that has been cleared. bart, everybody else on time, great way got this morning. -- great way to go in morning. whether it is so dark fruit juice or energy drinks more americans are reaching for lower calorie diet drinks. new numbers released from the cdc show 21% of women consumed some sort of diet drink in 2010 up from 18% in 2000. for men, 19% consumed diet drink drinks in 2010 up from 14%.
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researchers say diet dins are still controversial because it is unclear whether they can help people control their weight. one in five adults in the u.s. has a tattoo. recent outbreaks of tattoo-related infections are cause for concern. michael finney is here with what to be aware of. >> reporter: good morning. beware before you head out to get a new tattoo. consumer reports medical experts have important safety advice. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: david beckham boldly flaunts his tattoos in his commercial. celebrities like justin bieber and rihanna totally devoted to the singer's tattoos and what they mean. big or small, tattoos are now mainstream. >> everybody comes in to get tattoos, i -- >> reporter: getting a tattoo does pose health risks. cdc issued a report on
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tattoo-related skin i can affections in several states caused by contaminated ink. medical adviser says, concerns go beyond skin infections. >> in many areas tattoo shops are unregulated. infection prevention practices can vary. that created a risk for hiv and hepatitis. >> reporter: there are ways you can reduce risks. >> i was surprised by how many patients tell me they were intoxicated when they got their tattoos. it is important to keep a clear head. never drink before you ink. >> reporter: in katy perry's individual show another don't, homemade tattoos. ♪ >> reporter: instead find an experienced tattoo artist and check that the artist uses individually packaged, single-use it cans with disposable needles and tubes and they wear sterile disposable gloves. remember, tattoos aren't
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easily removed. >> you don't want to be stuck with something that is ugly or down the line you will regret. >> reporter: call your public health department to check out licenses. if you see any sign of a rash or infection, get to a doctor. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. ahead, casual and comfortable. u.s. city where more people wear sweat pants than any other. big news for "good morning america" robin roberts.
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we come back. clouds hanging around as we look towards port ever oakland under the bay bridge from our roof cam, a few sprinkles possible for the morning commute i think it is going to be dry until storms this afternoon. this was interesting, new list shows u.s. cities staying casual and comfortable in sweat pants. philadelphia topped the list of american cities sporting sweats according to a survey which asked if they bought sweats in the last year. the second year in a row that the city of brotherly love has come out on top in that record. hartford, connecticut, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, lafayette, louisiana and laredo, texas round out the top five. san francisco not surprisingly didn't crack the top 20.
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"good morning america" anchor robin roberts reaches major milestone this morning after thirty days in the hospital, she is going home. this is robin doing her celebration dance as she left the hospital yesterday after undergoing a bone marrow transplant. >> part of my motivation is to come back to you wonderful gma audience. we've often called you family and you never felt more like family. >> more on -- excuse me she says she will be resting until doctors give her the all-clear. more on her sweet homecoming on "good morning america" after the abc7 morning news at 7 a.m.. also happy for her and to her the doctors say that she hit it out of the ballpark. we can relate to that >> good for her. still ahead, ross mirkarimi won a victory with the board of supervisors. will it be short lived? >> supervisor now saying she
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supports a recall effort against the reinstated sheriff. 24 hayward ward police say -- ñ @ñ@ñzñ9ñ9ñy"itúd
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-- 6:30. good morning thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. >> is rain here now? >> meteorologist mike nicco, you have the answer? absolutely. see for yourself, dry at least that's the way the radar is showing up still damp, a few sprinkles possible during the morning commute, streets a little slick in a few areas.
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for the bay mainly cloudy, 50s stray shower this afternoon low to mid 60s. stray shower means it could pop up inland too starting off cool and humid this morning, we'll hit the mid to upper 60s out at the coast mainly cloudy for the better part of today, again one or two showers may linger or wander into your neighborhood by the afternoon you will be stuck in the mid to upper 50s. have a good day. good morning back to the albany area, first reports after accident 80 westbound at gilman, right by golden gate fields, emergency crews traffic light here because it is stopped. you can see the flow of traffic looks like they just released the lanes beginning to bunch up, back-up residual will be damaging due to that accident. waze app, you can see reports of the accident golden gate
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fields backed foot el cerrito area with this accident westbound 80. -- metering lights on, slow into towards the macarthur maze past overcrossings motorcycle down north 101 in san jose that traffic backing towards capital. hayward police will today reveal more on dna testing going on that could potentially solve the quarter century old disappearance of michaela garecht. amy hollyfield is live at the police headquarters with family reaction. >> reporter: the family has waited a long time for this the family has been in touch with hayward police and feeling confident that this bone that was founds do belong to michaela, the 9-year-old -- disappeared in hayward this 1988 she was kidnapped by a man in front of her little
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girlfriend, right outside a hayward store. this was november 19th, 1988. authorities have found a child's bone in a well near stockton where the so-called speed freak killers buried their victims' bodies. michaela's mom says she has a feeling this bone is michaela's. >> if this is michaela, if she has been lying in this god for say -- good forsaken place, i want heard to be searched and bring her home, i just want to bring her home and -- in whatever way there is to be able to do that. >> reporter: the speed freak killers are believe to have murdered up to 15 people. they were nick named that because of their addiction to meth. police have sent the bone to a lab to be tested. they are going to be briefing us in a few minutes. we just spoke with one of the lieutenant's on the case he
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said he's going to give an update in a few minutes on this case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. vacant building in san francisco's castro district back in the hands of its owners. now needs $1,000 worth of repairs after it was taken over by protesters. officers storming the building last night to end the occupation by a group protesting the city's housing shortage. officers arrested about 20 people who can now face burglary, trespassing and vandalism charges. ross mirkarimi's job as sheriff may not be as secure as he hopes. a supervisor says she may back a recall effort against him. supervisor kim is one of the four who voted against mirkarimi's removal from office because she says the city charter did not clearly spell out the terms for removal from office of someone for official misconduct. but, according to the
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chronicle, kim said in an e-mail that her faith in mirkarimi as a person and sheriff, has been greatly diminished and she would support a recall effort. your voice, your vote. tonight vice president biden and paul ryan will face off for their one and only debate in kentucky many katie marzullo joins us live from the newsroom with the new poll just in revealing who americans think will win tonight's debate >> reporter: the pressure is on. vice president biden as we know for better or worse expectations of him are low. pew research shows only a third of people surveyed expect biden to do better in the debate than congressman ryan. 40% said ryan would win. biden and ryan have very different styles. biden folksy with solid vice presidential portfolio. ryan has intensity and extensive knowledge of the federal budget and economy. both say they've been studying each other.
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>> frankly, studying up on congressman ryan's position on the issues. >> he's been on this big stage many times so that's new for me i'm studying the issues i know how he will attack us. >> reporter: this debate follows last week's first presidential debate in which most agree president obama tanked. the president himself said after he had a bad day many tonight's debate is being held in danville, kentucky watch it live right here on abc 7 starting at 6:00 tonight. biden's face off with sarah palin four years ago was the most watched vice presidential debate in history. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:36. >> traffic and weather together are next on the abc7 morning news. live look outside now, meteorologist mike nicco will have the full forecast and we'll check in with sue hall in the traffic center.
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you know it, it is bay area baseball fan frenzy right now. the deciding games taking place today for the a's and giants.
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. welcome back. 2600 feet up on mount tamalpais multi-layers of clouds hanging around, but getting drier as we speak. this afternoon well cooler than average in the 60s around the coast, possibly upper 50s we may not make it to 60. 60s bay we may make it to 70 fairfield and antioch another chance of a shower tomorrow and again in the north bay saturday not a planned -- a plan changer know it is out there and the warm starts to build in sunday. here's sue. back to albany earlier accident out of lanes by
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golden gate fields, you can see the emergency crews off to the side of the road. very heavy towards the macarthur maze backing up behind the accident scene now cleared. you can see the waze app through el cerrito into richmond towards hilltop drive very slow traffic the whole stretch now down towards the macarthur maze. if you want your free app. here's drive times now, just about a 25 minute drive carquinez bridge into the maze. 24 and 101 through marin. so exciting post-season fever still alive on both sides of the bay giants and a's forcing game fives that will be played today thanks to amazing dramatic wins yesterday. last night crisp knocked in smith with single to right, bottom of the 9, thrilling walk-off victory. a's just three outs from being eliminated before scoring three runs to win 4-3.
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of course the pie, first pitch tonight 6:37 at the coliseum. the winner advances to the american league championship series. in a few hours the giants will try to complete an improbable come back of their own. yesterday 8-3 victory in cincinnati over the reds. three homeruns including a tape measure shot by sandoval. lincecum did his job as well in relief. first pitch this morning 10:07. expect some of your co-workers to be calling in sick today, not that we are recommending that, we are just saying we are being realists. >> we are lucky, we have banks of tv monitors everywhere here where we work so we are going to watch. ahead and new, cell phone company that could be part of an international takeover. live to jane king at the new york stock exchange. chocolate lovers, listen up, new link between th
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welcome back. check out cloud cover over the bay area flight arrival delays nearly 69 minutes into sfo showers are over for now. tí@ santa barbara where the be one or two may rotate towards us, especially along the sierra where going to be -- where it is going to be a little wet the next couple of days also southern california. scattered showers possible around yosemite with snow
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above 8700 feet tomorrow near 80 by the time we get to sunday. new this morning, four kids and one adult are dead after an apartment fire in baltimore. victims include a 1-year-old boy, 2-year-old girl, 4-year-old boy, seven-year-old girl and 50 favre-year-old grandma. no word on what caused the -- 55-year-old grandma. no word on what caused the fire investigators believe it started in the basement. a mother jumped out of the window holding her two-month-old baby. no school at miami-dade community college in florida today or tomorrow. investigators try to figure out what caused a five story garage under construction to crumble. the accident killed two workers and another remains missing. one man was rescued from under a steel beam. another worker trapped for 12 hours. rescuesers used a crane to
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remove -- debris and amputated the man's leg to pull him from the rubble. "good morning america" will have more on that rescue coming up. colorado movie theater shooting suspect holmes scheduled to be back in court today prosecutors want to add counts, if approved that would be the 166. prosecutors expected to announce if they are ready to move forward with preliminary hearing or whether it is going to be pushed back. chinese author mo yan is the winner of the nobel prize in literature. the committee is praising his realism, saying emerges folk tales, history and contemporary. european authors won four of the last five wards as with other nobel prizes the honor is worth 1.2 million dollars. on the subject of nobel
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prizes, is there a causal relationship between eating chocolate and the number of nobels you win? chocolate has been tied to brainpower before. scientists say there is evidence that flavanols in chocolate helps slow down or reversible-related mental decline. study looks at how much chocolate a nation eats and how many nobel candidates it creates. switzerland eats the most chocolate, switzerland has the most nobel winners. u.s. is in the middle of the pack. at the bottom, china, japan and brazil. hilton motels -- hilton hotels trying to take a tate of the casual dining market. >> jane king joins us live with more. good morning. talk that sprint nextel has a possible buyer for controlling stake in the company.
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sources tell bloomberg one of japan's big cell phone companies reportedly in talks with sprint for 2/3 of the company. they would pay more than 19 billion dollars according to japan's nikkei newspaper. sprint shares big percentage wise gain. possibly considering making a bid for metropcs. a lot going on there. higher start to things on wall street. we had a bigger than expected drop this weekly jobless claims. that is contributing to the bullish tone on wall street. however, we are in political season labor economist said they did report numbers so that may distorted what we saw at any rate the market is bouncing back from four straight losses. bloomberg index is a little higher.
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shares of hewlett-packard, at the top of the word's largest pc maker has ended. after the slow yesterday after china's group is now number one. upscale hilton hotels going down market. the chain developing three new restaurant concepts, made market, features pastries, pizza and beer, herb in kitchen with gormet food market-like atmosphere with a view of the kitchen. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> we'll take a tip, any time, thank you. 6:49. sue hall just getting reports of a new incident on the bay bridge could affect westbound she will have more in a couple of minutes. you can see we are looking at low clouds the ones causing
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flight arrival delays of 69 minutes into sfo they clouds aren't as moisture laden as last night. doppler showing how much drier it is now than the light showers we had while were you sleeping. dress for mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods, 52 in santa rosa, mid 50s monterey bay. shower chance lingers today, tomorrow and even saturday mainly cloudy overnight and summer warmth next week to balance this abnormally cold weather we've had this week today one of the coolest days mid to upper 60s south bay mid 60s peninsula this afternoon upper 50s struggle along the coast chilly there low 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 60s in your valleys only upper 50s at your beaches in the north bay mid 60s along the east bay shoreline as you head into the
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east bay valleys upper 60s to a few self reese -- a few 70s. low to mid 60s monterey bay. game five tonight could it get any better than last night? 6:37 first pitch dropping to 56 jacket evenfz sweatshirt weather there. let's hope the bats stay hot low to mid 50s most of us tonight mainly cloudy mid to upper 40s north bay two players on the weather map low pressure still with counterclockwise or kai colonic flow -- or cyclonic flow, today that is the first play, you can see towards noon the showers are down to our south, one or two develop during the heating of the afternoon will linger into the evening overnight quieter maybe a few sprinkles, friday cold front brings another chance of shower tomorrow through the north bay saturday by sunday everybody is dry and by monday, tuesday, wednesday,
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going to be warmer than average. bay bridge stall incline past metering lights blocking left lane bumper-to-bumper this is looking rather familiar, we've had really bad traffic at the bay bridge the last couple of days. back into the macarthur maze 80 westbound earlier accident still off to the side of the road from golden gate fields back into richmond to hilltop drive grind on east shore freeway. san jose earlier motorcycle down north 101 at mckey is clear but the damage is done northbound back to the capital expressway if you are headed out now drive times 80 westbound approaching 40 minutes into the maze from the carquinez bridge, 24 to the caldecott tunnel, 101 northbound commute in san jose. 6:52. want to update you, getting word that a third worker has now died in that garage collapse at miami-dade
6:53 am
college that was the person who was rescued earlier today had the legs amputated but died at the hospital. ahead, five things to know before you
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good morning. 6:54. you are looking live at the bay bridge toll and the back-up. sue was tling us about a problem that would -- telling us about a problem that would cause delays. here are five minutes -- five things to know before you go. police testing bone fragment found in one of the mass graves in san joaquin county to see if there is a dna match with michaela garecht. she was kidnapped in 1988.
6:55 am
>> number two, vice presidential candidates face off in their only debate tonight in kentucky. biden needs to blunt the momentum gained by romney after his first debate with president obama. watch biden take on paul ryan live on abc 7. number three, in a few hour the giants will try to complete an improbable come back in cincinnati. yesterday san francisco staved off elimination over the reds. if they win they will be the first national league team ever to win a divisional series after losing the first two games at home. >> number four, a's will play pivotal game 5:00 tonight following last night's amazing win over the tigers. crisp knocked in smith with that single, capping thrilling three-aren't 9th inning rally to win 4-3 first pitch 6:37 at the coliseum if they win a's advance to the american league
6:56 am
championship series. >> number five, you have been thinking about her, good news, after a month in the hospital, robin roberts home. she is resting in her own bed after undergoing a bone marrow transplant three weeks ago. no word when she will return to gma, but she is doing well. good morning. let's take a look at live doppler. you are going to like to see this showing dry weather even though it is a little damp out there, sprinkle or two possible the rain we got last night is over. isolated shower possible again this afternoon, mainly 50s coast, low to mid 60s bay, mid 60s to 70 inland. >> to recap: bay bridge toll a stall has been cleared out of the lanes that's good news. however, traffic backed up behind the metering lights towards the macarthur maze. live shot san rafael earlier
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accident marinwood out of lanes recovering. here's another look at drive times east shore freeway 101 through marin and in san jose. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> you know what? don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone wake up to the bay area's latest headlines, weather and traffic, right on your phone. i don't know what to say i'm
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